7 Wonders: Wonder Pack*

7 Wonders: Wonder Pack expands the base game of 7 Wonders by introducing four new wonders, each with unique characteristics and strategic implications. This expansion enhances the variety and replayability of the game, offering new ways to construct and benefit from these iconic landmarks.

New Wonders Overview

  • The Great Wall of China: Unique in its construction, allowing players to build the stages in any order, reflecting the horizontal expanse of the actual Great Wall.
  • Stonehenge: Focuses on the accumulation of stone resources during its construction, offering a thematic tie to the real-world monument known for its massive stone structures.
  • Abu Simbel: Introduces an interesting mechanic involving leaders. Players can bury and mummify leaders for additional bonus points, adding a layer of strategic depth to leader selection and usage.
  • Manneken Pis: A revised version of the original promotional wonder released at Spiel 2010. It brings an updated design and gameplay to integrate seamlessly with the 7 Wonders base game.

Gameplay Implications

  • Diverse Strategies: Each new wonder introduces distinct strategies and considerations, encouraging players to adapt their tactics.
  • Historical and Thematic Integration: The wonders are designed to reflect their historical significance and characteristics, enhancing the thematic experience of the game.
  • Replayability: These additions increase the variety of wonders available in the game, ensuring a unique experience in each playthrough.


  • Base Game Required: The Wonder Pack is an expansion and requires the 7 Wonders base game to play.
  • Integrates Seamlessly: Designed to blend smoothly with the existing gameplay mechanics and balance of 7 Wonders.


The 7 Wonders: Wonder Pack is an excellent addition for fans of 7 Wonders, bringing fresh content and new strategic dimensions to the game. Whether you're intrigued by the strategic possibilities of the Great Wall, the resource-focused gameplay of Stonehenge, the unique leader dynamics of Abu Simbel, or the revisited design of Manneken Pis, this expansion offers something for every 7 Wonders enthusiast. It's a must-have for those looking to expand their game world and enjoy new challenges in building the ancient world's greatest wonders.

  • 2 - 7 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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