A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians*

The Norwegians expansion for A Feast for Odin significantly enriches the base game with an array of new content and strategic possibilities, emphasizing the historical Viking theme and offering players fresh challenges and pathways to victory.

New Geographic and Strategic Layers

  • Four New Islands: Introducing Isle of Man, Isle of Skye, Islay, and Outer Hebrides, each offering unique viking-settlement opportunities and strategic advantages, expanding the geographic scope and strategic depth of the game.
  • Irish Coastal Viking-Settlements: The addition of settlements like Waterford, Wexford, Cork, and Limerick on the reverse side of the new islands introduces historical context and new settlement strategies, reflecting the Vikings' winter stays, trade, and settlement in Ireland.

Enhanced Gameplay and Strategy

  • New Puzzle Tiles and Animals: Including horses, pigs, and new resource tiles, these additions offer more diverse strategies for acquiring victory points and managing resources, enriching the agricultural and animal husbandry aspects of the game.
  • Renewed Action Board: With modifications for different player counts and new actions such as butchering, elk-hunting, fishing, and thievery, the game dynamics are refreshed, increasing interaction and competition among players.
  • Artisan Shed Boards: Providing players with unique start opportunities and strategic advantages, these sheds introduce variability and personalization to the starting conditions of the game.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Random Start-Building Mechanism: Introduces variability and unique starting advantages through the artisan shed boards, allowing for a more personalized and varied gameplay experience from the outset.
  • Profession Card Options: Offering players the choice to use profession cards for their intended purpose or exchange them for VP-chips adds a layer of strategic decision-making regarding immediate versus potential long-term benefits.

Educational and Historical Element

  • Almanac: The inclusion of an almanac detailing the game elements and their historical Viking context adds depth and educational value, enhancing player engagement with the thematic aspects of the game.


The Norwegians expansion not only broadens the thematic and strategic landscape of A Feast for Odin but also injects new life into the game with innovative mechanics, enhanced player interaction, and increased variability. It honors the historical richness of the Viking era while providing players with a deeper, more nuanced gaming experience that rewards strategic planning and adaptability.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 30 - 120 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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