Ad Astra*

Ad Astra transports players into a future where humanity has branched into five distinct races, each adapted to life in various environments of the galaxy. As leaders of these factions, players embark on a strategic journey through space, exploring new planets, harvesting resources, building infrastructure, and possibly uncovering alien artifacts to gain an edge over competitors.

Gameplay Overview

  • Strategic Planning: The game unfolds in rounds, starting with a planning phase where players secretly select actions on a shared board. This phase demands foresight and strategy, as players try to anticipate others' moves.
  • Diverse Actions: Actions include producing resources, moving starships, building structures, trading, and scoring based on specific game elements. Each action has strategic implications and offers players multiple paths to victory.
  • Player Advantages: Owning an action card provides benefits during its resolution, giving the player control over key decisions in the game.

Special Features

  • Race Adaptation: The concept of human evolution into five races introduces unique strengths and challenges for each faction, enriching the game's strategic depth.
  • Exploration and Expansion: The game masterfully blends elements of exploration with the need for resource management, building, and expansion across the galaxy.
  • Variable Scoring: The scoring action cards add a dynamic scoring mechanism, where players must adapt their strategies based on the evolving objectives to accumulate victory points.


Ad Astra is a compelling blend of strategy, exploration, and resource management set against the backdrop of a richly imagined future galaxy. With its innovative use of action planning and a variety of strategic paths to victory, the game offers a deep and engaging experience for players looking to guide their faction to dominance in the stars. The race to 50 victory points or the complete exploration of the galaxy provides a tense and exciting conclusion to each game, making Ad Astra a standout title for fans of strategic board games.

Nominated for 2 awards and won 2.

  • 3 - 5 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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