Aeon's End*

In the concealed underground city of Gravehold, survivors of a distant invasion find solace. Here, amidst the remnants of a desperate society, they unearth a revelation: the energy emanating from breaches, the very conduits exploited by hostile beings, can be harnessed. Various gems allow them to transmute malevolent energies into beneficial spells and weapons, becoming the last bastion of defense—the breach mages.

Gameplay Overview

  • Cooperative Deckbuilding: Aeon's End delves into the deckbuilding genre, offering innovative mechanics. Players collaboratively build their decks to withstand the relentless assaults of The Nameless and their relentless hordes.
  • Variable Turn Order: Simulating the chaos of an attack, the game introduces a variable turn order system. Players must adapt to the unpredictable ebb and flow of battle.
  • Deck Management Rules: Every discarded card requires careful planning. Players strategize not only for the present moment but also for future turns, as meticulous deck management is crucial.
  • Breach Mages and Unique Abilities: Players take on the roles of breach mages, each wielding unique abilities. As they confront The Nameless, these mages employ powerful spells and rely on collective intelligence to protect Gravehold.

Special Features

  • Innovative Deckbuilding: Aeon's End introduces fresh elements to the deckbuilding genre, fostering strategic depth and cooperative gameplay.
  • Variable Turn Order System: The chaotic nature of attacks keeps players on their toes, requiring adaptability and teamwork.
  • Deck Management Strategy: Thoughtful planning extends beyond the immediate battle, emphasizing the importance of managing decks for future encounters.
  • Immersive Cooperative Experience: Players collaborate to fend off The Nameless, relying on their diverse abilities, spells, and collective wit.


Embark on a cooperative journey in Aeon's End, where the survival of Gravehold hinges on the strategic prowess of breach mages. With its innovative deckbuilding mechanics, variable turn order system, and emphasis on collective planning, the game delivers an immersive experience. As players confront the relentless forces of The Nameless, their ability to wield spells, manage decks, and work together will determine the fate of the underground city. Prepare for a challenging and rewarding cooperative adventure in the realm of Aeon's End.

Nominated for 6 awards.

  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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