Alea Iacta Est*

Alea Iacta Est presents a fascinating blend of dice placement and strategic decision-making, set against the backdrop of Ancient Rome. Players vie for prestige and power in the guise of Caesars, using their dice as resources to gain advantages across various influential buildings.

Key Elements of Gameplay

  • Dice Placement: The core mechanic revolves around the strategic allocation of your eight dice to five critical buildings, each offering different benefits. How and where you place these dice determines your progress towards victory.
  • Buildings and Benefits:
    • Castrum: Here, players can conquer new provinces, expanding their reach and influence.
    • Forum Romanum: Recruitment of patricians to send to your provinces happens here, bolstering your control.
    • Senatus: Securing cards for bonuses that remain secret until the game's conclusion, adding an element of surprise and strategy.
    • Templum: Directly awards prestige points from the Goddess Fortuna, offering a more straightforward path to scoring.
    • Latrina: Dice that fail to secure a position in other buildings end up here, offering "repete!" chips for rerolls or a trade-in value for prestige points.
  • Strategic Diversity: The game's design allows for a wide range of tactical approaches with each dice roll, making every game session unique and challenging.

Strategic Considerations

  • Tactical Placement: The ability to adapt your strategy based on the dice outcomes and the actions of your opponents is crucial. Efficient use of your dice can significantly impact your game outcome.
  • Resource Management: Choosing when to push for a particular building's benefits versus conserving your dice for future rounds requires careful consideration.
  • Endgame Scoring: Balancing immediate gains with investments that pay off during the scoring phase (like the patricians and senate cards) is key to securing a win.

Gameplay Experience

Alea Iacta Est provides a rich, thematic experience that encapsulates the intrigue and strategy of Roman political maneuvering. The game's mix of luck (through dice rolls) and strategy (through dice placement) ensures that no two games are alike, offering high replayability. The suspense of hidden senate cards and the strategic use of "repete!" chips add depth to the gameplay, making each decision impactful.


Alea Iacta Est stands out as a strategic yet accessible game that will appeal to both casual gamers and those looking for a deeper, tactical experience. Its blend of historical theme, strategic decision-making, and the inherent excitement of dice rolling makes it a captivating game that brings players back to the table. Whether you're conquering provinces, recruiting patricians, or seeking the favor of the Goddess Fortuna, Alea Iacta Est promises a thrilling journey into the heart of Ancient Rome.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • 9+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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