Alien Frontiers*

Alien Frontiers is a competitive board game where players vie to colonize an uncharted planet. As deep space colonists, players must skillfully manage resources, expand their fleet, research alien technology, and establish colonies to gain control of the new world.

Gameplay Overview

  • Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources to build and expand.
  • Fleet Building: Utilize orbital facilities to expand your fleet of spaceships, represented by dice.
  • Planetary Colonization: Place colony tokens on the planet to assert control over territories.
  • Orbital Facilities and Alien Technology: Leverage these for strategic advantages.
  • Territory Control: Influence over territories allows for additional benefits and strategic opportunities.
  • Player Interaction: Block opponents and compete for control over crucial game areas.

Special Features

  • Dice as Spaceships: An innovative use of dice to represent spaceships, adding a unique strategic element.
  • Alien Artifact Exploration: Discover alien technologies to enhance your capabilities.
  • Variable Strategies: Multiple paths to victory through resource management, strategic placement, and technology usage.
  • Player Interaction and Competition: High player engagement with opportunities to hinder opponents’ progress.
  • Thematic Depth: A richly themed experience that immerses players in the process of space colonization and exploration.


Alien Frontiers offers a compelling blend of strategy, resource management, and player interaction, set against the backdrop of space exploration and colonization. The game's innovative use of dice, combined with the strategic depth offered by alien technologies and territory control, makes for an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. It’s well-suited for players who enjoy strategic planning, competitive gameplay, and a strong thematic presence. The game challenges players to adapt and strategize differently in each playthrough, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience every time.

Nominated for 5 awards.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 90 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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