Archaeology: The New Expedition*

Archaeology: The New Expedition revitalizes the classic thrill of discovery with a fresh twist on the original Archaeology: The Card Game. As an intrepid archaeologist in the Egyptian desert, your quest is to unearth fragments of ancient artifacts and assemble complete treasures, from torn parchments to shattered pots. Brave the risks of sandstorms and thieves to excavate valuable relics, then astutely trade your finds at the marketplace or exhibit them at the museum for profit.

Gameplay Overview

  • Dig for Treasures: Draw cards to discover artifacts, but beware of thieves and sandstorms.
  • Explore Ancient Monuments: Use maps to explore monument chambers and claim hidden treasures.
  • Trade Wisely: Exchange treasures at the marketplace to maximize your haul.

Special Features

  • Dynamic Market: A lively trading system that requires strategic bargaining.
  • Variable Monuments: Each game features a different monument, adding unique challenges.
  • Protective Tents: Use your tent card to shield yourself from devastating sandstorms.


With its blend of strategy, luck, and negotiation, Archaeology: The New Expedition offers a captivating experience. Whether you're outsmarting opponents in trades or braving the elements for archaeological glory, this game promises excitement for treasure hunters of all ages.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 20 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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