Ascension: Storm of Souls*

Ascension: Storm of Souls embarks players on an epic journey in the aftermath of Samael's fall, where chaos reigns supreme across Vigil. This expansion for the renowned deck-building game Ascension introduces players to a world grappling with the unleashed forces of Samael's demise, offering new challenges and opportunities to explore.

Gameplay Overview

  • Expansive Set: A 200-card expansion that enriches the Ascension universe with a plethora of new cards and strategic mechanisms.
  • Event Cards: Introduces the novel Event card type, adding a dynamic layer to gameplay with unique challenges and effects.
  • Standalone or Combined Play: Designed for 1-4 players as a standalone game, it can also be merged with other Ascension sets for up to six players, enhancing flexibility and replayability.

Special Features

  • New Mechanisms: Dive into innovative gameplay with the addition of Event cards, offering fresh strategies and twists.
  • Rich Expansion: With tons of new cards, players can explore varied strategies and deck-building tactics.
  • Versatile Gameplay: Whether as a solo adventure or combined with other sets, Ascension: Storm of Souls offers a versatile gaming experience suitable for different group sizes and preferences.


Ascension: Storm of Souls not only extends the Ascension saga but also invites players into a transformed world filled with untold dangers and the lingering aftermath of a celestial battle. Whether facing the storm alone or with fellow adventurers, this expansion promises a thrilling deck-building experience, rich with new strategies and the enduring battle between light and shadow in the world of Vigil.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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