Axis & Allies*

Axis & Allies (2004), also known as Axis & Allies Revised Edition, is a refreshed version of the classic World War II strategy board game. This edition, the first by Avalon Hill, offers an immersive simulation of the global conflict, designed for five players but often enjoyed as a two-player game. Players represent either the Allies (USA, UK, Russia) or the Axis powers (Germany, Japan), engaging in strategic warfare across the globe.

Gameplay Overview

  • Dice-Based Combat: Simple yet engaging combat system using dice.
  • Diverse Unit Types: Includes a variety of naval, air, and land units, each with unique capabilities.

Special Features

  • New Units and Capabilities: Introduction of new units like destroyers and artillery, and revised capabilities for existing units.
  • Directed Technology Research: Players can now research technology to enhance unit abilities.
  • New Victory Conditions: Winning requires controlling key territories, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay.


Axis & Allies (2004) is an excellent choice for enthusiasts of historical and strategy board games. Its blend of simple combat mechanics with deeper strategic elements, like technology research and new victory conditions, provides a rich and engaging experience. The game is particularly appealing for those who enjoy revisiting classic games with updated features and dynamics.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 240 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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