BANG! The Dice Game*

BANG! The Dice Game transports players to the U.S. wild west, where the classic confrontation between the law and outlaws unfolds with an added threat of Indian attacks. This dice game adaptation retains the essence of the original Bang! card game while introducing new dynamics and challenges.

Gameplay Overview

  • Roles and Teams: Players are secretly assigned roles as the Sheriff, deputies, outlaws, or renegades, each with different objectives.
  • Character Cards: Each player gets a character card providing a unique ability.
  • Sheriff's Lead: The game begins with the Sheriff revealing his role and taking the first turn.
  • Dice Rolling: Players roll five dice up to three times per turn, using the results to attack, heal, or deal with Indian attacks.
  • Indian Tokens: Rolling an arrow means taking an Indian token; accumulating these can lead to loss of life points when the last token is taken.
  • Gatling Attack: Rolling three Gatling symbols allows a player to attack all others and discard Indian tokens.
  • Winning Conditions: The game ends when one team fulfills its winning condition, which varies based on roles.

Special Features

  • Dice Mechanics: Dice rolling adds an element of chance and strategy, differing from the card game version.
  • Simultaneous Threats: Players must manage conflicts with other players and the looming threat of Indian attacks.
  • Hidden Roles: The secret roles add suspense and strategic alliances.
  • Character Powers: Unique abilities of character cards add variety and replayability.
  • Team and Solo Objectives: The game accommodates different winning conditions for teams (Sheriff and deputies, outlaws) and individual players (renegades).


BANG! The Dice Game offers an exciting blend of risk, strategy, and unpredictability, set against the backdrop of the wild west. It's a game of hidden identities, quick decisions, and managing various threats, appealing to players who enjoy a fast-paced, social, and strategic gameplay experience. Whether you're facing down outlaws, dodging arrows, or fulfilling your secret mission, this game promises a thrilling adventure in every round.

Nominated for 3 awards.

  • 3 - 8 Players
  • 15 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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