Battles of Westeros*

Age of Industry is Martin Wallace's refined take on his earlier game, Brass: Lancashire, focusing on the transformative era of the Industrial Revolution. Players become industrial magnates, racing to develop factories, mines, and transportation networks, leveraging steam power to outmaneuver competitors. The game distills the essence of Brass into a more accessible format, offering a vast strategic landscape governed by regionally color-coded cards that provide flexibility while still constraining choices.

Gameplay Overview

  • Industrial Expansion: Focus on building industries and networks in specific regions, guided by color-coded cards.
  • Streamlined Mechanics: Simplifies Brass by focusing solely on the railway era, eliminating the canal phase for a quicker playtime.
  • Flexible Strategy: While retaining strategic depth, the game offers more plan flexibility through region-based (rather than city-specific) cards.

Special Features

  • Double-Sided Map: Features Germany and southern New England, offering varied gameplay landscapes.
  • Adaptable Industry: Introduces a versatile industry type that changes with each map, adding unique twists to the strategy.


Age of Industry delivers the strategic richness of Brass with streamlined rules and quicker gameplay. It's an excellent choice for players looking for a deep economic strategy game that balances flexibility with constraint, set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution. Whether you're a veteran of Brass or new to Martin Wallace's games, Age of Industry promises an engaging, competitive experience across its diverse maps.

Nominated for 5 awards.

  • 2 Players
  • 60 - 120 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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