Black Rose Wars*

Black Rose Wars is a dynamic and competitive fantasy deck-building game where players step into the shoes of powerful mages vying for the title of Supreme Magister. Set in the rich universe of Nova Aetas in Italy, the game combines strategic spellcasting, intense combat, and clever planning. Each mage is a member of the Black Rose Order, locked in a fierce battle within a modular arena, aiming to fulfill the desires of the Black Rose, gain strength through spells, and ultimately escape their magical prison.

Gameplay Overview

  • Deck-Building Mechanics: Players start with a basic grimoire of spells and enhance their deck by studying new spells from six distinct schools of magic.
  • Strategic Combat: Combat takes place in a modular arena where mages summon creatures, cast spells, and use enchantments to outwit and defeat their opponents.
  • Phase-Based Play: The game unfolds in various phases where players select spells, plan their attacks secretly, and then reveal their strategies to execute their moves.
  • Continuous Action: Even after death, mages are reborn to rejoin the battle, ensuring constant engagement and strategic shifts.

Special Features

  • Six Schools of Magic: Offers diverse strategies and a wide range of spells, allowing for a unique approach to combat and strategy for each player.
  • Modular Arena: The hexagon-based arena changes layout, providing a fresh and challenging environment for each game.
  • Dual-Effect Spells: Every spell has two different effects, giving players flexibility and adaptability in combat situations.
  • Objective-Based Gameplay: In addition to combat, players must fulfill missions and destroy rooms to gain power, adding depth and variety to the strategy.


Black Rose Wars stands out as an engaging and immersive deck-building and combat game that offers a rich fantasy experience. Its unique blend of strategic spellcasting, a modular battle arena, and continuous player engagement through rebirth mechanics make it a compelling choice for fans of competitive fantasy games. The depth of strategy, coupled with the thematic setting in Nova Aetas, provides a rewarding and varied gameplay experience, where no two battles are ever the same. Whether summoning formidable creatures or casting powerful spells, players must outwit their opponents to claim the coveted title of Supreme Magister.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 90 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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