Bruges is a strategic board game set in the bustling 15th-century city of Bruges, known for its thriving culture and commerce. The game revolves around the theme of merchant competition and maintaining influence in this wealthy Belgian Hanseatic city.

Game Overview:

  • Theme: Set in 15th-century Bruges, a time of cultural and commercial prosperity.
  • Players' Role: Players take on the roles of merchants striving to gain influence, power, and prestige.


  • The game features 165 character cards, each colored differently (five colors in total).
  • On their turn, players select a card and perform one of six possible actions: acquiring workers, collecting money, mitigating threats, building canals, constructing houses, or hiring the character on the card.
  • The color of the card influences the effectiveness or applicability of the action taken.
  • Players must strategically manage various aspects of their merchant operations, balancing between gaining prestige and addressing potential threats to their prosperity.

Unique Features:

  • Versatile Card Use: Every card in Bruges can be used for multiple actions, giving players flexibility and strategic depth in how they play their cards.
  • Threat Management: The game introduces the element of dealing with threats, adding a layer of tension and strategic decision-making.

Strategy and Replayability:

  • The game requires players to make strategic decisions about how to best use their cards for maximum benefit.
  • The variety of actions and the dynamic nature of threats ensure that each game of Bruges offers a different experience, high in replayability.


Bruges is a game rich in historical theme and strategic depth. It appeals to players who enjoy managing multiple aspects of gameplay and making critical decisions that impact their standing in the game. The combination of historical setting, versatile card play, and the element of threat management makes Bruges an engaging game for those who appreciate a mix of strategy and historical themes in their board gaming experiences.

Nominated for 9 awards and won 2.

⭐️ Nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2013

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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