Bruxelles 1893*

Bruxelles 1893 transports players to the height of the Art Nouveau movement, where they become architects in the late 19th century. This worker placement game combines elements of bidding and majority control, challenging players to create the most impressive architectural works and pieces of art to score points.

Gameplay Overview

  • Architectural Mastery: Undertake various actions to construct buildings in the Art Nouveau style.
  • Art Creation: Enhance your score by producing and selling works of art.
  • Modular Action Board: Not all actions are available to every player each turn, adding strategic depth.

Special Features

  • Diverse Actions: Choose from a range of actions, some costing money for higher quality results, others free but with potential risks.
  • Art Exhibitions: Rounds end with opportunities to sell artworks for prestige and profit.
  • Dynamic Scoring: Earn points through your architect level, bonus cards, completion of works, and remaining funds.


Bruxelles 1893 is a deeply strategic and thematic game, ideal for those who appreciate a blend of historical context and intricate gameplay mechanics. Its unique blend of worker placement, bidding, and majority control provides a rich and varied experience, making each game session both challenging and engaging. The game's representation of the Art Nouveau era adds a distinct aesthetic and thematic charm, appealing to both history enthusiasts and strategic gamers alike.

Nominated for 4 awards and won 1.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 50 - 125 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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