Carcassonne: Safari*

Carcassonne: Safari ventures into the wild landscapes of the African savannah, offering a standalone experience within the "Carcassonne Around the World" series. This edition invites players on a safari adventure, where the goal is to spot as many animals as possible. Animals can be found hiding in the bush, roaming the savannah, or gathering near watering holes. The game maintains the essence of Carcassonne's tile-placement and meeple-deployment mechanics, while introducing new elements tailored to the safari theme.

Gameplay Overview

  • Safari Adventure: Players explore diverse habitats to spot animals, leveraging the classic Carcassonne gameplay of tile placement and meeple deployment in a new thematic context.
  • Watering Holes: Assist your friends in uncovering watering holes for bonus points, introducing a collaborative yet competitive element.
  • Unique Animal Encounters: Experience the thrill of spotting animals in their natural habitats, from the bush to under the shade of a baobab tree, adding a layer of excitement and strategy.

Special Features

  • Standalone Game: While part of the broader "Carcassonne Around the World" series, Carcassonne: Safari provides a complete game experience on its own, no need for the base game or other expansions.
  • Thematic Integration: The safari theme is deeply integrated into the gameplay mechanics, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar Carcassonne formula.
  • Series Continuation: As the fourth title in the series, it expands the Carcassonne universe by exploring new geographical and thematic territories, providing fans and newcomers alike with unique gaming experiences.


Carcassonne: Safari transports players to the vast expanses of the African savannah, combining the beloved mechanics of Carcassonne with the excitement of a wildlife safari. This edition stands out for its thematic depth, inviting players to immerse themselves in an adventure filled with strategic decisions and the beauty of the natural world. Whether collaborating to reveal watering holes or competing to spot the most animals, Carcassonne: Safari promises an engaging and refreshing experience for all who venture into this wild iteration of the classic game.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 35 Minutes
  • 7+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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