Carcassonne: The Phantom*

Carcassonne: The Phantom is a strategic and visually distinctive expansion for the classic tile-placement game Carcassonne. This expansion introduces a set of 6 transparent phantoms in different colors, with the unique addition of a purple phantom designated for the gray player. These phantoms serve as additional followers, offering players new strategic possibilities and depth in their quest to dominate the medieval landscape.

Gameplay Overview

  • Additional Followers: Each player receives a phantom in their player color, allowing for the placement of an extra follower on a tile.
  • Strategic Placement: When deploying a phantom alongside a regular follower on the same tile, they must occupy different features, enhancing strategic decisions.
  • Reusable Resource: The phantom, once scored, returns to the player, ready to be used again, providing ongoing tactical flexibility throughout the game.

Special Features

  • Visual Appeal: The transparent phantoms add a unique aesthetic to the game board, distinguishing them easily from regular followers.
  • Enhanced Player Interaction: The ability to place an additional follower (the phantom) introduces new layers of strategy and competition among players.
  • Global Availability: Initially released in German in March 2011, followed by a worldwide release in April, making it accessible to the global Carcassonne community.


Carcassonne: The Phantom enriches the Carcassonne experience by adding a layer of strategic complexity and visual flair to the game. The introduction of phantoms as additional followers allows players to execute more nuanced strategies and make more impactful decisions on their turn. This expansion not only deepens the gameplay but also introduces an element of elegance to the beloved game of Carcassonne. Whether placed alongside a regular follower or standing alone, the phantom becomes a versatile tool in the strategic arsenal of each player, promising a refreshing twist to the classic game.

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 45 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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