Cards Against Humanity*

Cards Against Humanity is often described as a party game for those with a dark sense of humor. The game pushes the boundaries of political correctness and delves into topics that are usually considered taboo. It's known for its irreverent and often outrageous content, making it a popular choice for adult game nights where humor leans towards the unconventional.

Gameplay Overview

  • Role of the Card Czar: Each round, one player acts as the Card Czar, drawing and reading a black card with a question or a fill-in-the-blank statement.
  • Answering Questions: Players respond to the Card Czar's prompt using their white answer cards, aiming to be as humorous or offensive as they dare.
  • Judging Responses: The Card Czar selects the answer they find most amusing or appropriate, and the player who submitted it earns an "Awesome Point".
  • Game Dynamics: Rounds continue with players taking turns as the Card Czar. Some rounds involve "Pick 2" questions or the opportunity to gamble an Awesome Point for the chance to play an extra answer card.
  • Endgame: Play continues until a set point or when players decide to stop, with the player holding the most Awesome Points declared the winner.


Cards Against Humanity stands out for its unabashed approach to comedy, allowing players to explore and laugh at a spectrum of socially sensitive topics. It's a game that requires a specific audience, one that appreciates humor that can be dark, sarcastic, and often offensive. As a party game, it encourages laughter, cringes, and sometimes shock, making it ideal for a group of friends who know each other well and are comfortable pushing the envelope of conventional humor.

  • 4 - 30 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 17+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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