Hunter & Cron

The Hunter & Cron Award is an audience award that honors 100 games each year. These are chosen by the Patreon, Steady & YouTube supporters of the two German board game friends Hunter & Cron.

Until 2018, the award was still given in different categories, with 10 games from Hunter & Cron nominated for each - the public then voted for the winner for each category.

Who are Hunter & Cron anyway?

Hunter & Cron are german board game enthusiasts and started a YouTube channel in late 2013 where they shared their joy. Both live in Berlin 🇩🇪, are in a relationship and each have a son and a daughter. In the meantime, more than 1,000 videos have been created - and more than just the two of them can be seen on the channel. The channel is one of the main influencers among board game connoisseurs & experts in Germany.

Cron then announced a longer break in early 2021. Since then, Hunter continues the channel under the name "Hunter & Friends".

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