Fjords is a strategic board game that transports players back to the era between the 8th and 11th centuries, a time when Viking clans were vigorously exploring and settling new lands. This game pits two clan leaders against each other as they vie for the most advantageous plots of land along Norway's picturesque coast. The objective is to establish villages in strategic locations to secure territory and resources, employing tactical acumen to outmaneuver the opponent.

Gameplay Overview

  • Phase One - Land Expansion: Players take turns placing tiles to create the landscape of fjords, mountains, and fields, upon which they can then place their farms. This phase requires a balance of luck and strategy to secure valuable land while positioning for the next phase of the game.
  • Phase Two - Territorial Claim: In this phase, the game shifts to a more skill-based dynamic reminiscent of Go. Players vie to claim fields by strategically enclosing them, aiming to control larger portions of the territory than their opponent.

Special Features

  • Strategic Depth: Fjords offers a deep strategic experience that evolves in complexity from the tile-laying phase to the tactical enclosure of the second phase, challenging players to adapt their strategies as the game progresses.
  • Historical Theme: The game's setting in the Viking Age, with clans battling for fertile land along the Norwegian coast, provides a rich thematic backdrop that enhances the gameplay experience.
  • Skill Balance: The mix of luck in the first phase with the skill-based challenges of the second phase ensures that Fjords is accessible to players of varying skill levels while still offering a competitive and engaging experience for strategy veterans.


Fjords is a beautifully designed game that captures the spirit of Viking exploration and territorial expansion. Its blend of strategic tile placement and tactical land enclosure offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Whether you're a fan of historical games, strategy games, or simply looking for a competitive two-player experience, Fjords delivers a compelling blend of luck, skill, and strategy, making each playthrough a fresh and exciting adventure in the rugged landscapes of ancient Norway.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 2 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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