Kolejka, also known as Queue, is a board game that vividly recreates the experience of shopping in Poland during the late Communist era. This game challenges players to acquire all the items on their shopping list by navigating their family members through queues at various stores, despite the scarcity of goods.

Gameplay Overview

  • Family Placement: Players send family members to queue in front of stores to buy items on their shopping list.
  • Uncertain Deliveries: Without knowing which store will receive goods, players must strategize their placement in queues.
  • Use of Queue Cards: To advance in line, players use queuing cards like "Mother carrying small child" or "Under-the-counter goods," while avoiding setbacks like "Closed for stocktaking."

Special Features

  • Historical Context: Set in the 1980s Communist Poland, offering a unique cultural and historical perspective.
  • Educational Value: Features real photos of 60 items from the era, teaching players about historical commodities and their scarcity.
  • Strategic Depth: Players must carefully choose how to use their queuing cards and when to visit the outdoor market for steeply priced goods.


Kolejka is more than just a game; it's a journey back in time to an era of shortages and queues, offering players a mix of strategy, historical education, and a glimpse into the daily lives of people in 1980s Poland. Through its engaging mechanics and authentic historical context, Kolejka provides a compelling and educational experience, highlighting the challenges of everyday life under communism.

Nominated for 1 award and won 1.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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