Unlock!: Escape Adventures*

Unlock! Escape Adventures is a cooperative card game that captures the essence of escape room challenges. Using a unique combination of card play and a companion app, players work together to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. The game offers a tabletop escape room experience, providing immersive adventures that require strategic thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Gameplay Overview

  • Cooperative Escape Room Game: Work together to solve puzzles and escape.
  • Card-Based Mechanics: Use a deck of cards to explore scenarios and solve riddles.
  • Companion App Integration: An app provides clues, checks codes, and monitors time.

Scenarios Included

  • The Formula: Infiltrate a secret lab to recover a mysterious serum.
  • Squeek & Sausage: Thwart the plans of the villainous Professor Noside.
  • The Island of Doctor Goorse: Navigate the traps of a billionaire’s eccentric island.

Game Features

  • Tutorial for Easy Learning: A ten-card tutorial helps players learn to play without extensive rule reading.
  • Print-and-Play Option: Tutorial and demonstration scenario available for print-and-play.
  • App Requirement: A free app is required, downloadable from App Store or Google Play.

Game Experience

  • Interactive Puzzles: Engaging puzzles that simulate escape room challenges.
  • Time-Pressured Adventure: The app’s timer adds urgency to the escape.
  • Variety of Puzzles: Each scenario offers unique puzzles and storylines.


Unlock! Escape Adventures offers an exciting and innovative approach to the escape room genre. It's ideal for players who enjoy puzzle-solving, cooperative gameplay, and the thrill of escape room challenges. The game’s integration of physical cards and a digital app creates a unique, engaging experience that can be enjoyed at the table with friends and family. Each scenario presents a new adventure, making Unlock! Escape Adventures a versatile and replayable game for anyone seeking a brain-teasing and cooperative gaming experience.

Nominated for 5 awards and won 1.

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 45 - 75 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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