1830: Railways & Robber Barons*

1830: Railways & Robber Barons is a renowned title in the 18xx series of board games, known for its intricate strategy and absence of luck-based elements. This game is celebrated for its deep focus on stock manipulation and strategic planning, set against the backdrop of railway expansion in the eastern United States.

Gameplay Overview

  1. Stock Trading and Strategy: The core of 1830 is its sophisticated stock market system, where players buy and sell shares in various railway companies to maximize their wealth.

  2. Railway Network Development: Players build track and operate trains on a hexagonal board, aiming to make their rail companies profitable.

  3. Robber Baron Theme: The game emulates the cutthroat business tactics of the 19th-century American railway moguls, often referred to as 'robber barons'.

  4. No Luck Element: Every outcome in 1830 is determined by players' decisions, with no random elements like dice rolls or card draws.

  5. End Game Conditions: The game concludes when the bank runs out of money or a player goes bankrupt. The player with the highest personal wealth, including stock holdings and cash, wins.

Unique Aspects

  • Hexagonal Board: The game features an abstract hex-based board where players lay track tiles, a departure from traditional linear track games.
  • Variants and Versions: The 2011 version by Mayfair Games and Lookout Games includes the original classic design by Francis Tresham, a basic, faster-playing version, and new variants from top railroad game developers.
  • Historical Context: 1830 immerses players in the historical context of the American railway expansion, capturing the essence of the era's business strategies.

Gameplay Experience

1830: Railways & Robber Barons is a game that appeals to players who enjoy deep strategic planning, economic simulation, and the historical theme of railway expansion. Its complex stock market mechanics and absence of chance elements make it a challenging and rewarding experience for strategy enthusiasts.


1830 is ideal for players looking for a deep, strategic board game focused on economic manipulation and railway expansion. It offers a unique blend of historical context, complex strategy, and a dynamic, player-driven game environment. The various versions and variants included in the 2011 edition provide both classic gameplay and fresh challenges for railroad game aficionados.

  • 2 - 7 Players
  • 180 - 360 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Hard to learn
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