In the enchanting world of Alchemists, two to four aspiring alchemists engage in a spirited competition to unearth the secrets of their mystical art. Points, the coveted currency of success, can be acquired through various means, but the pinnacle lies in the publication of accurate theories—a challenge that adds a layer of complexity to the pursuit.

Gameplay Overview

  • Six Rounds of Alchemical Pursuit: Over six rounds, players strategically select their play order, with delayed actions offering greater rewards—a nuanced choice that introduces a tactical element to the game.
  • Action Declaration and Knowledge Acquisition: Declare actions by placing cubes on diverse action spaces, and gain knowledge by concocting ingredient mixtures. The dynamic rules of alchemy, randomized by a smartphone app (available on iOS, Android, and Windows), ensure a fresh experience with each game.
  • Magical Artifacts and Academic Prestige: Delve into the mystique by acquiring magical artifacts, nine in total, each unique and potent. While expensive, these artifacts not only provide a significant boost but also contribute to the accumulation of academic prestige and reputation.
  • Potion Peddling and Academic Ascent: Venture into the world of commerce by selling potions to adventurers, using the proceeds to invest in powerful artifacts. As knowledge expands, reputation grows, culminating in the publication of theories for all to witness—a journey encompassing knowledge, wealth, and fame.

The Alchemist's Conundrum

As the game unfolds, players experience the ebb and flow of their reputations. Following six rounds and a climactic final exhibition, reputation is converted into points. Additional points are scored for artifacts and grants. The grand reveal of alchemical secrets determines the outcome, with players earning or losing points based on the correctness of their theories. Only the alchemist with the highest points emerges as the victor, mastering the mystical art.

Nominated for 11 awards and won 3.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 120 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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