Android is a narrative-driven board game that immerses players in a cyberpunk future. In this game, you're a detective solving a mysterious case, balancing personal demons with professional duties. The game combines elements of storytelling, strategy, and character development, making each playthrough unique.

Gameplay Overview

  • Rich Storytelling: Dive into a complex narrative where your choices shape the outcome.
  • Character Development: Each character has their own backstory and objectives.
  • Investigation Mechanics: Gather clues and solve the case before your opponents.

Special Features

  • Immersive World: The game setting is richly detailed, offering a deep dive into its dystopian universe.
  • Replay Value: Multiple plotlines and endings ensure no two games are the same.


Android is perfect for players who love storytelling and strategy, offering a deep, immersive experience that blends detective work with personal narratives.

Nominated for 3 awards.

  • 3 - 5 Players
  • 180 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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