AuZtralia is an adventure and exploration board game set in an alternate 1930s, inspired by Martin Wallace's A Study in Emerald. In this unique setting, players are intrepid adventurers colonizing Australia after the northern hemisphere has been devastated by war and the Old Ones. Gameplay involves building ports, constructing railways, mining, and farming, all while preparing for the awakening of the Old Ones and their human armies. Time is a crucial resource, and as the game progresses, the Old Ones awaken and become active, posing a significant threat. Players must strategically prepare for their arrival, possibly cooperating with others to fend off these nightmarish beings using military units and recruited personalities.

Gameplay Overview

  • Exploration and Building: Construct ports, railways, and develop land for resources.
  • Time Management: Every action costs time, a valuable resource.
  • Conflict with the Old Ones: Prepare for and confront the awakened Old Ones.

Special Features

  • Alternate Reality Theme: Set in an alternate 1930s with a mix of history and mythology.
  • Semi-Cooperative Play: Work with other players while trying to achieve individual victory.
  • Fully Cooperative Variant: Includes rules for a completely cooperative gameplay experience.


AuZtralia offers a rich and immersive experience combining exploration, resource management, and strategic combat against a unique mythological threat. It's perfect for players who enjoy a blend of history, fantasy, and cooperative/competitive gameplay, delivering both individual and team-based challenges.

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  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 30 - 120 Minutes
  • 13+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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