Battle Line*

Battle Line is a strategic card game that pits two opponents against each other with the aim of capturing flags by creating powerful formations.

Gameplay Overview:

  • Objective: Win by capturing either 5 of the 9 flags or 3 adjacent flags.
  • Setup: Players face off across a 'battle line' with flags positioned between them.
  • Card Play: Players form poker-like hands (e.g., straight flush, 3 of a kind) to capture flags.
  • Formation Strength: The side with the stronger card formation captures the flag.

Key Features:

  • Card Range: Uses cards numbered from 1 to 10.
  • Hand Size: Players hold seven cards in hand.
  • Advanced Variant: An optional rule where flags can only be claimed at the start of a turn.
  • Tactics Cards: Introduced in Battle Line, adding strategic depth.

Comparisons and Editions:

  • Relation to Schotten Totten: Battle Line is a rethemed version of Schotten Totten, with similar gameplay but some differences in cards and rules.
  • Production Quality: Early editions had concerns over card quality, but later editions by GMT improved this aspect.
  • Availability: Generally, Battle Line is more readily available in stores than Schotten Totten.

Game Experience:

  • Strategy and Tactics: Requires careful planning and strategic hand management.
  • Player Interaction: High, as players compete directly for each flag.
  • Replay Value: Different tactics and formations offer varied gameplay experiences.
  • Learning Curve: Accessible to new players, with depth for experienced gamers.


Battle Line offers a compelling blend of strategy and luck, with its unique take on poker-style hand formation. It's a challenging yet engaging game for two players, suitable for a wide range of skill levels. The introduction of tactics cards provides an additional strategic layer, making each game a dynamic and exciting battle of wits.

  • 2 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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