BattleLore: Second Edition*

BattleLore: Second Edition is a deeply immersive and strategically rich board game set in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth. Designed for two players, this game pits the stalwart forces of the Daqan Lords against the malevolent Uthuk Y’llan in epic, squad-based battles. With an emphasis on strategic command and the use of lore to influence battles, BattleLore Second Edition offers a robust and varied wargaming experience.

Gameplay Overview

  • Fantasy Battles: Engage in tactical battles set in the fantasy world of Terrinoth.
  • Two Factions: Choose between the Daqan Lords, defenders of Nordgard Castle, or the demonic Uthuk Y’llan.
  • Lore-Based Strategy: Utilize the power of lore to gain advantages in battle.

Game Mechanics

  • Customizable Maps and Scenarios: Each game features new maps and scenarios for varied play experiences.
  • Army Customization: Muster and customize armies for each battle, tailoring to preferred playstyles.
  • Diverse Units: Command a mix of warriors and creatures, each with unique abilities and roles.

Components and Setup

  • Detailed Miniatures: The game includes ninety-two detailed figures representing various units.
  • Game Board and Map Pieces: A game board and forty-three map overlay pieces for creating diverse battlefields.
  • Cards and Dice: Over one-hundred fifty cards for gameplay, along with four custom dice.

Winning the Game

  • Victory Points and Objectives: Gain victory points by controlling battlefield objectives and eliminating enemy units.
  • Strategic Mastery: A skilled commander combines strategy, unit strengths, and lore to emerge victorious.


BattleLore: Second Edition stands out as a compelling strategy game for those who enjoy rich, fantasy-themed battles and detailed miniature warfare. The game's blend of tactical decision-making, army customization, and lore-driven mechanics makes each battle a unique and engaging experience. Whether leading the noble Daqan Lords or the fierce Uthuk Y’llan, players are challenged to outmaneuver their opponent and claim dominance over the contested lands of Terrinoth. This game is a must-try for fans of fantasy wargaming and strategic board games, offering a deeply satisfying and replayable battle experience.

Nominated for 3 awards.

  • 2 Players
  • 45 - 90 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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