Boomtown combines the thrill of gold rush era mining with strategic gameplay elements, including auctions, dice-rolling, and tactical use of action cards. Players start as hopeful gold diggers and aim to rise to the status of wealthy tycoons by smartly acquiring mining concessions, becoming influential in local politics, and capitalizing on the economic opportunities of the era.

Gameplay Overview

  • Auction Mechanism: Players bid on mining concessions, seeking to secure the most promising claims that will yield gold and further their wealth.
  • Dice Mechanics: The outcome of mining operations and various other game events are determined by rolling dice, adding elements of chance and risk.
  • Action Cards: These cards allow players to directly affect opponents' progress by playing strategic moves like bank heists, stagecoach robberies, or even using dynamite to disrupt competitors' plans.

Strategic Elements

  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Players can focus on acquiring valuable land, investing in town infrastructure like saloons, or even gaining political power to influence ongoing and future concession sales.
  • Resource Management: Managing money and other resources effectively is crucial, as it determines bidding power in auctions and the ability to react to game developments.

Game Dynamics

  • Player Interaction: High levels of interaction are encouraged through auctions and action cards, which can be used to help oneself or hinder others, making the gameplay competitive and engaging.
  • Adaptability: Due to the variability introduced by dice and card play, players must continuously adapt their strategies based on the evolving game state and opponents' actions.


Boomtown offers an exciting mix of strategy, chance, and direct competition, set against a backdrop of historical economic boom conditions. The game’s blend of tactical decision-making, resource management, and interactive gameplay make it an entertaining choice for players who enjoy games with a strong thematic element and dynamic play. Whether you’re scheming to control the best mining areas or plotting to rob the bank, Boomtown provides a lively and engaging experience for all involved.

Nominated for 1 award.

  • 3 - 5 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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