Bus is a pioneering strategy game by Splotter Spellen, emerging from Essen 1999 as a standout creation by a group of students. This game challenges players to efficiently manage a public transportation system to deliver as many passengers to their destinations as possible. The game combines route planning, passenger distribution, and timing to create a deeply strategic and competitive experience.

Gameplay Overview

  • Route Planning: Players lay route markers to connect passengers with their varying destinations – work, home, or bar – which change throughout the day.
  • Expansion and Management: Options include buying more buses for increased capacity, expanding bus routes, influencing passenger influx, and city development through building placement.
  • Strategic Timing: Unique action selection mechanics where the first player to choose certain actions executes them last, adding a layer of strategic depth and prediction.

Special Features

  • Dynamic City Building: The city's layout evolves with the game, affecting strategy and route effectiveness.
  • Passenger Movement: The daily routine of passengers creates a dynamic puzzle of optimizing routes to match changing destinations.
  • Innovative Action Mechanism: The action selection system introduces a tactical element of timing and anticipation, as players vie for optimal actions while navigating the consequences of going first or last.


Bus stands as a testament to innovative board game design, offering a richly strategic experience that challenges players to think ahead and adapt to the evolving urban landscape and the whims of its citizens. Balancing expansion, efficiency, and foresight, players navigate the complexities of running a bus service in a game that rewards planning, adaptability, and a keen sense of timing. With its unique mechanics and engaging gameplay, Bus provides a compelling and thoughtful exploration of public transportation logistics in a competitive urban setting.

  • 3 - 5 Players
  • 120 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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