The best games from Jeroen Doumen 🇳🇱👨 2024

Looking for a really good game from game designer Jeroen Doumen 👨? Then we have just the thing: the list with the best Jeroen Doumen games 2024.

Who is Jeroen Doumen anyway?

Jeroen Doumen has been designing dice, card & board games . The game designer hails from the Netherlands🇳🇱, was born in 1975 and currently lives in Twente, Netherlands.

How good are "Jeroen Doumen" games?

There are 7 games by Jeroen Doumen in our Top1000 games list, making Doumen the #25 best game author out of a total of 708 authors in our database.

More information about Doumen

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List of best games by Jeroen Doumen 2024

In this list we have listed the best board games that Jeroen Doumen either designed himself - or was involved in designing.

Unfortunately, not all of Jeroen Doumen's games are currently available. In the following list you can find all dice, board & card games by Jeroen Doumen that you can buy 2024:

This list was last updated on February 25, 2024. We compared 15 board games for this list and selected the top 8. There's also a print version for this list.
  1. Pandemic: Rising Tide

    All details for the board game Pandemic: Rising Tide and similar games
    • 2 - 5 Players
    • 45 Minutes
    • 8+ years old
    • Medium difficulty
  2. Bus

    All details for the board game Bus and similar games

    Bus is a pioneering strategy game by Splotter Spellen, emerging from Essen 1999 as a standout creation by a group of students. This game challenges players to efficiently manage a public transportation system to deliver as many passengers to their destinations as possible. The game combines route planning, passenger distribution, and timing to create a deeply strategic and competitive experience.

    More details for Bus
    • 3 - 5 Players
    • 120 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Medium difficulty
  3. Food Chain Magnate

    All details for the board game Food Chain Magnate and similar games

    "Lemonade? They want lemonade? What is the world coming to? I want commercials for burgers on all channels, every 15 minutes. We are the Home of the Original Burger, not a hippie health haven. And place a billboard next to that new house on the corner. I want them craving beer every second they sit in their posh new garden." The new management trainee trembles in front of the CEO and tries to politely point out that... "How do you mean, we don't have enough staff? The HR director reports to you. Hire more people! Train them! But whatever you do, don't pay them any real wages. I did not go into business to become poor. And fire that discount manager, she is only costing me money. From now on, we'll sell gourmet burgers. Same crap, double the price. Get my marketing director in here!"

    Nominated for 8 awards and won 3.

    More details for Food Chain Magnate
    • 2 - 5 Players
    • 120 - 240 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Hard to learn

    Video reviews for Food Chain Magnate

    • YouTube Review for the game "Food Chain Magnate" by Shut Up & Sit Down
      Video is in English
  4. The Great Zimbabwe

    All details for the board game The Great Zimbabwe and similar games

    The Great Zimbabwe is a strategic board game that takes players back to ancient Africa, where they aim to build a thriving civilization around the iconic Great Zimbabwe. Inspired by the rich history and culture of southern Africa, the game challenges players to construct monumental edifices to honor their chosen deity. Each of the twelve gods in the game offers unique blessings but demands varying efforts to achieve victory. Players must develop an efficient logistics network across the region, producing and acquiring ritual goods to elevate their monuments and gain the favor of their god. The game blends historical inspiration with Splotter's signature approach to creating engaging, replayable experiences, offering a mix of strategic planning, resource management, and tactical positioning.

    More details for The Great Zimbabwe
    • 2 - 5 Players
    • 90 - 150 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Hard to learn
  5. Indonesia

    All details for the board game Indonesia and similar games

    Indonesia is a strategic economic game for 2-5 players who dive into the competitive world of growing economies in Indonesia. Each player aims to amass the most money by acquiring and developing production and shipping companies. These companies produce and deliver goods such as rice, spices, rubber, and oil to expanding cities, which in turn increases demand. The strategic depth of the game comes from managing production costs and shipping fees, researching advancements, and possibly merging companies to outmaneuver competitors. Players must keep their wealth secret and strategically time their operations, as money earned in the last round counts double. The game unfolds over three eras, each introducing new cities, companies, and goods, culminating in a final tally where the wealthiest player emerges victorious.

    Nominated for 1 award.

    More details for Indonesia
    • 2 - 5 Players
    • 180 - 240 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Hard to learn
  6. Roads & Boats

    All details for the board game Roads & Boats and similar games

    Roads & Boats is a complex and expansive board game that focuses on the development of civilization through logistics and transportation. Players start with basic resources and must strategically transport these goods to various production facilities to create new, more valuable items. The game is unique in its emphasis on logistics rather than territorial control: the only possessions players truly own are those being carried by their transportation units. This creates a dynamic play environment where facilities are communal and goods left unattended can be claimed by any player.

    More details for Roads & Boats
    • 1 - 4 Players
    • 240 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Hard to learn
  7. Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens

    All details for the board game Cannes: Stars, Scripts and Screens and similar games
    • 2 - 4 Players
    • 90 Minutes
    • 10+ years old
    • Easy to learn
  8. Horseless Carriage

    All details for the board game Horseless Carriage and similar games
    • 3 - 5 Players
    • 180 - 240 Minutes
    • 14+ years old
    • Hard to learn

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