The best games from Bruno Sautter 🇫🇷👨 2021

Looking for a really good game from game designer Bruno Sautter 👨? Then we have just the thing: the list with the best Bruno Sautter games 2021.

Who is Bruno Sautter anyway?

Bruno Sautter has been designing dice, card & board games since 2011. The game designer comes from France🇫🇷 and currently lives in Paris.

Sautter actually had a digital communications agency that he founded with his partner Ludovic Roudy in 2002. In 2010, the two decided to create the board game company Serious Poulp. Since then, the two have been designing board games together.

Sautter's first game "Steam Torpedo: First Contact" he developed in 2011 - so he's been designing games for over 10 Years. Famous Sautter games include The 7th Continent, Just One & Steam Torpedo: First Contact.

How good are "Bruno Sautter" games?

There are 2 games by Bruno Sautter in our Top1000 games list, making Sautter the #147 best game author out of a total of 708 authors in our database.

More information about Sautter

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List of best games by Bruno Sautter 2021

In this list we have listed the best board games that Bruno Sautter either designed himself - or was involved in designing.

Unfortunately, not all of Bruno Sautter's games are currently available. In the following list you can find all dice, board & card games by Bruno Sautter that you can buy 2021:

This list was last updated on August 1, 2021. There's also a print version for this list.
  1. Just One

    All details for the board game Just One and similar games

    Nominated for 12 awards and won 2.

    Spiel des Jahres 2019

    More details for Just One
    • Players3 - 7 Players
    • Playtime20 Minutes
    • Age8+ years old
    • ComplexityComplexity: very easy
    🔥 Great price!16€

    Video reviews for Just One

    • YouTube Review vom Spiel "Just One" von "BoardGameGeek"
      YouTube Review vom Spiel "Just One" von "BoardGameGeek"Sprache
  2. The 7th Continent

    All details for the board game The 7th Continent and similar games

    Nominated for 17 awards and won 2.

    More details for The 7th Continent
    • Players1 - 4 Players
    • Playtime5 - 1000 Minutes
    • Age14+ years old
    • ComplexityComplexity: medium
  3. Steam Torpedo: First Contact

    All details for the board game Steam Torpedo: First Contact and similar games
    • Players2 Players
    • Playtime40 Minutes
    • Age13+ years old
    • ComplexityComplexity: easy

    Video reviews for Steam Torpedo: First Contact

    • YouTube Review vom Spiel "Steam Torpedo: First Contact" von "BoardGameGeek"
      YouTube Review vom Spiel "Steam Torpedo: First Contact" von "BoardGameGeek"Sprache

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