Cacao is a tile-placement game set in the vibrant and lush world of cacao cultivation. Players take on the roles of tribe chiefs, leading their people to prosperity by strategically harvesting and trading cacao.

Gameplay Overview

  • Worker Tiles: Each player has a personal deck of square worker tiles with varying numbers of workers on each side.
  • Initial Setup: The game starts with a few jungle tiles in play, including a cacao field and a market, with additional jungle tiles available for drawing.
  • Tile Placement and Actions: Players place worker tiles next to jungle tiles, triggering various actions based on the adjacent jungle tile type.

Game Actions

  • Harvesting Cacao: Collect cacao markers from adjacent cacao fields.
  • Trading at the Market: Sell cacao markers for gold.
  • Collecting Water: Gain water resources from wells.
  • Gaining Temple Favor: Send workers to temples for end-game scoring.

End Game and Scoring

  • End of Game: The game concludes when all players have used their worker tiles.
  • Scoring System: Points are scored or lost based on water supply, and temples reward players who sent the most workers.
  • Winning Condition: The player with the most gold at the end is declared the winner.


Cacao offers a unique blend of strategy and resource management, wrapped in a thematic and engaging setting. It's suitable for players who enjoy strategic planning, economic elements, and a rich cultural theme. The game's mechanics of tile placement and resource management make it an enjoyable challenge for both casual and experienced players.

Nominated for 8 awards.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 45 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Easy to learn
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