Carcassonne: Halb so Wild*

Carcassonne: Halb so wild introduces a unique twist to the classic Carcassonne gameplay with the addition of 24 triangular landscape tiles, which are half the size of the standard square tiles. This mini-expansion allows players to explore new strategic dimensions and tile placement opportunities, as each player starts with two triangular tiles that can be played during their turn as an alternative to drawing and placing a normal tile.

Expansion Contents

  • Triangular Tiles: The expansion features 24 triangular tiles, offering new landscape configurations and possibilities for expanding the Carcassonne map.
  • Initial Tile Allocation: Each player receives two of these triangular tiles at the beginning of the game, providing immediate strategic options.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • New Strategic Options: The introduction of triangular tiles allows players to fill gaps and create opportunities in ways not possible with traditional square tiles, adding depth to the strategic gameplay.
  • Flexible Tile Placement: Players have the choice to place one of their triangular tiles instead of drawing from the tile pool, giving them more control over their strategy and potential scoring opportunities.


Carcassonne: Halb so wild breathes fresh life into the Carcassonne experience, blending seamlessly with the 2014 version of the base game and offering players innovative ways to expand their territories and strategize. By providing new tile shapes and the option to strategically deploy these tiles, this mini-expansion adds complexity and variety to the beloved tile-laying game. Whether used to tactically fill spaces or to surprise opponents with unexpected moves, Halb so wild ensures that each game of Carcassonne can offer new challenges and enjoyment, making it a valuable addition for fans of the series.

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • Immediately playable

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