Carcassonne: Star Wars*

Carcassonne: Star Wars edition takes the cherished mechanics of the classic Carcassonne tile-placement game and propels them into the vast universe of Star Wars, infusing the game with familiar themes and the epic struggle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. This edition adapts the traditional rules to fit the Star Wars setting, transforming roads into Trading Routes navigated by Merchants, cities into Asteroid Fields explored by Explorers, and cloisters into Planets conquered by Conquerors, while eschewing the farming aspect of the original game.

Gameplay Overview

  • Star Wars Themed Adaptations: Traditional Carcassonne elements are reimagined with a Star Wars twist, incorporating Trading Routes, Asteroid Fields, and Planets.
  • Faction Symbols for Bonuses: Symbols representing the Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Bounty Hunters provide scoring bonuses, adding a layer of strategy in aligning with factions.
  • Dice-Based Majority Control: Battles for control are decided by dice rolls, adding an element of luck and strategy to the conquest of territories.

Special Features

  • Dynamic Combat Mechanism: The introduction of dice rolling for majority control introduces a dynamic combat system, reflecting the battles of the Star Wars saga.
  • Strategic Options with Planets: Players have the flexibility to place Meeples on newly placed tiles adjacent to Planets, offering strategic depth in the conquest of the galaxy.
  • Four Player Team Variant: A special team variant pits two Empire colors against two Rebel Alliance colors, emphasizing cooperative strategy and thematic immersion.


Carcassonne: Star Wars brilliantly merges the strategic gameplay of Carcassonne with the iconic Star Wars universe, offering fans of both a unique and engaging board game experience. The simplified rules and new mechanics introduce an exciting twist to the classic game, while the thematic elements and factional play invite players into the heart of the Star Wars conflict. Whether you're battling for control of the galaxy as the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, this edition is a thrilling adventure for both board game enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 35 Minutes
  • 7+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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