Carnegie is a board game that delves into the historical and industrial era of the United States, focusing on the life and career of Andrew Carnegie, a prominent figure in the steel industry and a renowned philanthropist. Players engage in strategic management of resources and development to build prestigious companies.

Gameplay Overview

  • Historical Theme: Based on Andrew Carnegie's journey from a telegraphist to a leading steel industrialist and philanthropist.
  • Economic and Industrial Strategy: Players recruit employees, expand business ventures, invest in real estate, produce goods, and establish transport chains across the United States.
  • Influence of Historical Figures: Interaction with prominent personalities from the era.
  • Philanthropy Aspect: Reflecting Carnegie's legacy, players can also become benefactors contributing to public good.
  • Turn Structure: The game unfolds over 20 rounds, with each player taking one turn per round, choosing from one of four actions.
  • Following Actions: Players may follow the action chosen by the active player each turn.
  • Victory Points: The goal is to build the most prestigious company, represented by accumulating victory points.

Special Features

  • Action Selection Mechanism: Offers strategic depth in choosing and following actions.
  • Historical Integration: Seamlessly integrates Carnegie's life story and the industrial era's essence into the gameplay.
  • Resource Management: Emphasizes strategic planning in managing employees, investments, and production.
  • Educational Value: Provides insight into American industrial history and the concept of philanthropy.


Carnegie is well-suited for players who enjoy strategy games with a strong historical theme, particularly those interested in economic development and industrial expansion. The game's blend of resource management, strategic planning, and historical context offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience. It's a compelling choice for gamers who appreciate a deep, thought-provoking game that combines historical significance with strategic complexity.

Nominated for 12 awards and won 7.

  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 90 - 120 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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