Ark Nova*

Ark Nova is a strategic board game where players take on the role of zoo planners, aiming to build and manage the most successful modern zoo.

Gameplay Overview

  • Zoo Management Theme: Design and operate a scientifically managed zoo.
  • Objective: Achieve the highest status as a zoological establishment through various strategies.
  • Action Card System: Utilize a set of five action cards, with each card's power influenced by its current slot.
  • Key Actions Include:
    • CARDS: Acquire new zoo cards, including animals, sponsors, and conservation projects.
    • BUILD: Construct enclosures, kiosks, and pavilions, both standard and special.
    • ANIMALS: Accommodate different animals in your zoo.
    • ASSOCIATION: Deploy association workers for various tasks.
    • SPONSORS: Play sponsor cards or raise funds.
  • Diverse Card Pool: Over 255 cards featuring animals, specialists, and projects, each with unique abilities.
  • Appeal and Reputation: Enhance your zoo's appeal and scientific reputation to gain conservation points.


Ark Nova offers a rich and detailed experience for players who enjoy strategic planning and management in a board game. The blend of zoo building, resource management, and strategic card play provides a unique challenge. Players must balance the development of their zoo's infrastructure, animal collection, and conservation efforts to outcompete their rivals. The game's theme of zoo management combined with its deep strategic elements makes it a compelling choice for players looking for a thoughtful and engaging board game experience.

Nominated for 23 awards and won 11.

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  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 90 - 150 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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