Dungeon Mayhem*

Dungeon Mayhem drops you into the heart of an action-packed Dungeons & Dragons card battle where the last adventurer standing claims victory. Choose from four unique, quirky characters—be it the barbarian, paladin, rogue, or wizard—and dive into a dungeon brimming with treasures and challenges. With a lively mix of strategy and luck, you'll sling spells, swing weapons, and strategize to outmaneuver your opponents. The vivid illustrations bring each character's personality to life, making every match not just a battle, but a story unfolding right before your eyes.

Gameplay Overview

  • Character Selection: Choose to play as Sutha the Skullcrusher (barbarian), Azzan the Mystic (wizard), Lia the Radiant (paladin), or Oriax the Clever (rogue).
  • Strategic Combat: Utilize your character's unique power cards, like the wizard's health-swapping Vampiric Touch or the barbarian's devastating Whirling Axes.

Special Features

  • Unique Abilities: Each character has their own deck and special abilities, encouraging varied play styles and strategies.
  • Quick and Engaging: Fast-paced gameplay ensures that matches are both swift and intensely satisfying.


Dungeon Mayhem offers a thrilling card game experience that combines the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons with the quick, engaging mechanics of a battle card game. Whether you're a fan of strategic card games or just love the D&D universe, this game provides endless fun with its mix of unique characters, dynamic abilities, and fast-paced combat. It's an excellent choice for quick gaming sessions where humor, strategy, and a touch of chaos come together to create memorable adventures.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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