Hammer of the Scots*

Hammer of the Scots transports players back to the turbulent times of William Wallace, the legendary "Braveheart," and his rebellion against English rule. This historical board game pits two players against each other in a strategic battle for control over Scotland. One player takes on the role of the English, aiming to pacify Scotland by securing the loyalty of its nobles. The opposing player, representing the Scots, fights for freedom, rallying nobles to resist English domination.

Game Components and Highlights

  • Map Board: A 22" x 25" full-color map of Scotland and Northern England, adorned with the heraldry of significant noble families, serves as the battleground for this historical conflict.
  • Wooden Blocks: The game includes 56 hardwood counters representing various military units such as leaders, nobles, archers, knights, and infantry, bringing the medieval armies to life.
  • Event Cards: A set of 25 event cards introduces dynamic elements and historical twists, influencing the course of the rebellion and the strategies of both players.
  • Detailed Game Rules: The game comes with an 8-page rulebook that outlines the mechanics and strategies involved in mastering the game.
  • Two Scenarios: Players can engage in a full campaign game or choose from two shorter scenarios - "Braveheart" and "The Bruce" - each offering a focused reenactment of pivotal moments in Scottish history.
  • Playable History: Designed to be both educational and entertaining, Hammer of the Scots provides insights into this fascinating period through 2-4 hours of engaging gameplay.

Gameplay Experience

Hammer of the Scots combines strategic depth with historical accuracy, offering players a richly detailed reenactment of Scotland's struggle for independence. The game's block system introduces fog of war, requiring players to make decisions with limited information about their opponent's strengths and intentions. The allegiance of noble lords becomes a critical factor, as control over these key figures can sway the course of the rebellion.


With its blend of historical theme, strategic gameplay, and high-quality components, Hammer of the Scots stands out as a captivating board game that immerses players in the epic saga of William Wallace and the fight for Scottish independence. Whether you're strategizing as the English to maintain control over Scotland or leading the Scots in their quest for freedom, this game promises a deeply rewarding and insightful experience into one of history's most passionate uprisings.

Nominated for 2 awards.

  • 2 Players
  • 120 - 180 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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