A Few Acres of Snow*

A Few Acres of Snow is a strategic level deck-building game for two players, focused on the historical conflict between the French and British in North America.

Key Features

  • Deck-Building Mechanics: Inspired by games like Dominion, players use cards for multiple purposes, carefully choosing how to use each card's abilities.
  • Historical Theme: The game is set during the 150-year struggle for North American dominance between Britain and France, offering a rich historical context.
  • Varied Strategies: Players must balance military tactics with colonization efforts, creating a complex strategic environment.
  • Card-Driven Gameplay: Cards represent locations and manpower, and players expand their deck as they capture new territories, reflecting the geographical expansion of their empire.
  • Innovative Approach: The game blends traditional wargame elements with modern deck-building mechanics, offering a unique gaming experience.

Gameplay Experience

  • Strategic Depth: Players need to make thoughtful decisions about military and economic expansion, exploring various strategies to outmaneuver their opponent.
  • Replayability: The variety of cards and strategies ensures that each game can play out differently, offering high replay value.
  • Learning Curve: While accessible, the game offers a depth that will appeal to both experienced wargamers and those new to deck-building games.
  • Immersive Historical Setting: The game immerses players in the historical context of the French and British conflict, appealing to fans of history and military strategy.


A Few Acres of Snow presents a compelling blend of historical wargaming and modern deck-building mechanics. It offers a deep and engaging strategic experience, where military might and efficient colonization are key to victory. The game's innovative approach makes it stand out in the genre, appealing to fans of history, strategy, and deck-building games. Its unique mechanics and thematic depth make it a noteworthy addition to the collection of any strategy gaming enthusiast.

Nominated for 5 awards and won 4.

  • 2 Players
  • 60 - 90 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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