In Acquire, players strategically invest in businesses, aiming to secure a majority of stock. As tile placements drive business growth and mergers, majority stockholders receive significant bonuses. These bonuses can be reinvested into other chains, creating a race among players to accumulate the greatest wealth.

###History of Acquire:

  • Sid Sackson Classic: Sid Sackson's enduring classic has undergone diverse forms over the years under various publishers. While the game's rules and gameplay have remained constant, its editions have seen notable changes.

  • Evolution of Editions: From the 1966 3M bookshelf edition to the 2023 release by Renegade Game Studio and Hasbro, Acquire has undergone numerous changes. Editions vary in components, rules, and design choices, reflecting the evolving landscape of board gaming.

    • Test Market Origins (1963): Limited test market games were released in December 1963, setting the stage for the game's journey.

    • 3M and Avalon Hill: 3M sold the rights to Avalon Hill in 1975, marking a transition in the game's ownership.

    • Hasbro Era: Hasbro and its subsidiaries, including Wizards of the Coast, played a significant role in the game's subsequent editions.

    • Renegade Game Studio (2023): The partnership with Renegade Game Studio and Hasbro led to the 2023 release, offering a choice between Classic Mode and Tycoon Mode.


Acquire remains a timeless strategic board game, challenging players to navigate the dynamics of investments, mergers, and wealth accumulation. Its enduring popularity is evident in its rich history, with each edition contributing to the legacy of this classic title. Whether exploring the nuances of early editions or embracing the latest releases, players continue to engage in the competitive pursuit of acquiring the greatest wealth in the ever-changing world of Acquire.

Nominated for 1 award and won 1.

  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 90 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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