Ankh: Gods of Egypt*

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is a deeply thematic board game that immerses players in the ancient world of Egyptian mythology. In this game, players assume the roles of Egyptian gods vying for supremacy and survival in an era where the old ways and their followers are fading. The game stands out for its blend of strategic gameplay, stunning artwork, and detailed miniatures, offering a richly immersive experience.

Gameplay Overview

  • Role of Egyptian Gods: Players compete as gods of ancient Egypt, each with unique powers and strategies.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Build caravans, summon monsters, and convert followers to establish dominance.
  • Non-Random Combat: Combat and other gameplay elements are streamlined and free of randomness, emphasizing strategy and skill.

Special Features

  • Detailed Miniatures: The game includes intricately designed miniatures that bring the deities and monsters of ancient Egypt to life.
  • Beautiful Artwork: The game's illustrations beautifully reimagine the people and mythology of ancient Egypt.
  • Tactical Depth: Offers a strategic depth that challenges players to think and act like gods.


Ankh: Gods of Egypt is an excellent choice for players who enjoy strategy games with a strong thematic presence and appreciate high-quality components. The game's focus on strategic depth, coupled with its stunning visual presentation, makes it a standout choice for both board game enthusiasts and fans of Egyptian mythology. It offers a unique blend of competitive gameplay, strategic decision-making, and artistic beauty.

Nominated for 4 awards.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 90 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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