Atlantis Rising (Second Edition)*

Atlantis Rising (Second Edition) is a beautifully reimagined version of the beloved cooperative worker placement game where players unite to save the mythical island of Atlantis from inevitable doom. As leaders of Atlantis, players collaborate to gather resources, manage the workforce, and construct a cosmic gate capable of saving the Atlantean populace from the rising tides. The game challenges players with a blend of strategic planning, resource management, and a pressing urgency to complete the gate before the island succumbs to the ocean.

Gameplay Overview

  • Cooperative Worker Placement: Players strategically place workers across Atlantis, balancing the risk of flooding against the potential rewards of closer shoreline positions.
  • Dynamic Challenges: Each turn introduces new misfortunes through cards that flood parts of Atlantis or present other obstacles, adding tension and requiring adaptable strategies.
  • Resource Gathering and Gate Construction: The core objective is to accumulate resources to build and power the cosmic gate, with each player contributing to this communal goal.

Special Features

  • Enhanced Player Powers: Expanded Councilor powers offer players unique abilities that influence strategy and gameplay, enhancing the cooperative experience.
  • Revised Game Mechanics: The Wrath of the Gods phase replaces the Athenians Attack, focusing on strategic flooding decisions and increasing the game's suspense.
  • Upgraded Components and Artwork: All-new art and graphic designs immerse players in the thematic depths of Atlantis, complemented by variable gate components that create new worker placement opportunities.


Atlantis Rising (Second Edition) revitalizes the classic cooperative game with significant enhancements that deepen the thematic experience and strategic depth. It invites players to immerse themselves in the desperate plight of Atlantis, working together under the looming threat of annihilation. The game's blend of strategic worker placement, cooperative problem-solving, and stunning artistic presentation make it an engaging experience for all types of players looking to test their ability to strategize and collaborate under pressure.

Nominated for 2 awards.

  • 1 - 7 Players
  • 60 - 120 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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