Automobiles is a refreshing take on the deck-building genre, offering players the thrill of racing encapsulated in a strategy game where cubes replace the traditional cards. In this innovative design, players take on the roles of race car drivers, each aiming to cross the finish line first by smartly assembling a collection of cubes that represent various aspects of their racing team and vehicle.

Gameplay Overview

  • Deck-Building with Cubes: Instead of cards, players use cubes to build and enhance their racing capabilities, adding a tactile and visually engaging dimension to the strategy.
  • Race to Victory: The primary goal is to be the first to finish the race, utilizing cubes to navigate the track efficiently.
  • Strategic Collection: Players start with a basic set of cubes and strategically acquire new ones to improve their car's speed, handling, and pit crew efficiency.

Special Features

  • Unique Mechanism: The use of cubes instead of cards for deck-building provides a unique gameplay experience, with the tactile element adding to the fun.
  • Customizable Strategies: The ability to choose how to expand your cube collection allows for varied strategies and replayability.
  • Part of a Series: Automobiles is the third installment in AEG's Destination Fun series, offering a thematic continuation from Trains and Planes.
  • Online Play: Available for online play on platforms like Yucata and BoardGameArena, making it accessible to a wider audience.


Automobiles stands out in the deck-building genre by innovating with its cube-based system, offering players a dynamic and strategic racing experience. The game's emphasis on customization and strategic planning, combined with the engaging race theme, makes it a compelling choice for gamers looking for something different from traditional card-based deck builders. With its place in the Destination Fun series and availability for online play, Automobiles promises hours of competitive fun and replayability.

  • 2 - 5 Players
  • 45 - 75 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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