Barrage is a strategic resource management board game set in the 1930s, during a time when the industrial revolution has pushed the use of fossil fuels to its limits. The game revolves around the theme of hydroelectric energy generation, where players compete to build and manage efficient hydroelectric dam systems.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Setting and Theme: Set in a dystopic 1930s, focusing on the industrial revolution and the exploitation of hydroelectric power.
  2. Resource Management and Strategy: Players manage resources and plan actions to build dams, increase storage capacity, and generate power.
  3. Innovative Mechanics: Incorporates a Construction Wheel for resource and action management, requiring careful planning and strategic timing.
  4. Shared Resource - Water Flow: The game features a dynamic water flow system on rivers, where water is a shared and contested resource among players.


  • Players represent international companies competing to harness hydroelectric power.
  • The Construction Wheel mechanic requires players to plan actions and manage machinery and resources over time.
  • Building and upgrading dams, constructing tunnels, and managing water flow are crucial to generating energy.
  • Players must meet power requirements and personal contracts, adding layers of strategic planning and competition.

Strategic Depth:

  • The game requires foresight in planning dam construction and resource management.
  • Intercepting and storing water, while also considering the actions of other players, adds a competitive edge.
  • The ability to enhance machinery and construct unique buildings allows for varied strategies and approaches to winning.

Player Experience:

  • Offers a challenging and engaging experience for players who enjoy strategic planning and resource management.
  • The competitive nature of the game, combined with shared resources, creates dynamic player interaction.
  • The innovative Construction Wheel and water flow mechanics provide a unique twist to the traditional resource management genre.


Barrage stands out with its unique theme and innovative mechanics, offering a deep and engaging experience for fans of strategy and resource management games. Its competitive nature, coupled with the need for careful planning and resource allocation, makes it a challenging and rewarding game for players looking to test their strategic acumen in a unique setting.

Nominated for 14 awards and won 7.

  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 60 - 120 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Hard to learn

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