Marvel United: X-Men*

Marvel United: X-Men is an expansion to the cooperative board game Marvel United, focusing on the beloved X-Men universe. This game invites players to embody iconic Marvel heroes, joining forces to thwart the nefarious schemes of a villain who is orchestrating their master plan behind the scenes. With a mix of strategy, collaboration, and superhero flair, this game brings the X-Men's battles and stories to life on the tabletop.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Heroic Cooperation: Players work together as Marvel heroes, each with a unique deck of cards representing their superpowers and actions. The key to success lies in coordinating these abilities to counter the villain's moves effectively.
  • Villain's Master Plan: The villain, controlled by the game, reveals their master plan through unique cards that activate various effects and introduce threats across different locations on the board.
  • Strategic Card Play: Choosing which cards to play is a crucial decision; not only do these cards determine your actions and superpowers for the turn, but they can also synergize with the actions of other heroes, amplifying your team's impact.

Key Features

  • Rich Storytelling: Marvel United: X-Men encourages players to create their own Marvel storylines through gameplay, immersing them in the X-Men universe.
  • Unique Hero Decks: Each hero comes with a deck that reflects their abilities and personality, offering a tailored play experience and encouraging players to explore different strategies.
  • Collaborative Strategy: The game emphasizes teamwork and strategic planning, as players must unite their powers to overcome the villain's challenges and save the day.


Marvel United: X-Men is an engaging and thematic addition to the Marvel United series, allowing fans of Marvel and cooperative board games alike to dive into the action-packed world of the X-Men. With its focus on heroic cooperation, strategic card play, and rich storytelling, this game captures the essence of what makes the X-Men such enduring characters. Whether you're coordinating with fellow heroes to take down a villain or combining powers for a dramatic comeback, Marvel United: X-Men offers a compelling cooperative experience that celebrates the unity and strength of Marvel's mutant heroes.

Nominated for 2 awards.

  • 1 - 5 Players
  • 40 Minutes
  • 14+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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