The Mind*

The Mind is a unique card game that combines elements of cooperation, intuition, and silent communication. It is as much an experiment in group dynamics as it is a game.

Gameplay Overview

  • Concept: Players work together without communication to play cards in ascending order.
  • Card Deck: Contains cards numbered 1-100.
  • Levels: The game has 12, 10, or 8 levels, depending on the number of players (2, 3, or 4).
  • Gameplay:
    • In each level, players receive a number of cards equal to the level number.
    • Players must play these cards into a central pile in ascending order without discussing what cards they hold.
    • Players rely on intuition and cues to decide when to play cards.
  • Lives and Shurikens:
    • Players start with lives equal to the number of players and one shuriken.
    • Incorrect card plays result in loss of lives.
    • Using a shuriken allows all players to discard their lowest card, providing valuable information.
  • Rewards: Completing levels can grant extra shurikens or lives.
  • Winning: To win, players must complete all levels without losing all their lives.
  • Extreme Mode: For added difficulty, cards are played face down, with mistakes revealed only at the end of each level.


The Mind is an innovative and engaging game for players who enjoy cooperative challenges and non-verbal communication. Its simple yet profound gameplay encourages players to sync with each other's thinking and timing. The game is perfect for those looking for a unique, quick, and highly interactive experience. It tests not just the individual's intuition but also the collective group dynamic, making it a fascinating social experiment in addition to being an entertaining game.

Nominated for 20 awards and won 9.

⭐️ Nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2018

🔥 Deal: 47% cheaper than the best Geizhals deal, likely for a short time only!

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 20 Minutes
  • 8+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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