Architects of the West Kingdom*

In Architects of the West Kingdom, set against the backdrop of the late Carolingian Empire around 850 AD, players step into the roles of royal architects. Tasked with constructing important buildings and advancing the construction of the Archbishop's cathedral, this game uniquely combines resource management, worker placement, and moral choices into a rich strategic tableau. Players vie for the King's favor and maintain their noble status in a world where virtue and vice coexist.

Gameplay Overview

  • Earn Victory Points: Gain points through constructing buildings and contributing to the cathedral.
  • Resource Collection: Gather essential materials needed for building.
  • Apprentice Hiring: Expand your workforce with skilled apprentices to enhance building capabilities.
  • Worker Placement: Strategic placement of workers is key for efficient resource gathering and construction progress.
  • Moral Decisions: Choices made during the game affect your virtue and final scoring.
  • Rival Interaction: Compete and potentially sabotage other architects.
  • Game End: Triggered after a predetermined number of constructions are completed, leading to final scoring.


Architects of the West Kingdom excels in its fusion of historical context, strategic resource management, and moral decision-making. It challenges players to balance the pursuit of architectural greatness with ethical integrity. Ideal for those who appreciate strategic planning, competitive gameplay, and a rich historical theme, the game's emphasis on moral choices adds depth and replayability, ensuring each playthrough is a distinct narrative journey.

Nominated for 17 awards and won 5.

  • 1 - 5 Players
  • 60 - 80 Minutes
  • 12+ years old
  • Medium difficulty

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