Codenames: Pictures*

Uncover the mystery behind peculiar symbols on the map in Codenames: Pictures, where these enigmatic codes signify locations where spies connect with secret agents. In this clandestine world, two rival spymasters possess knowledge of the agents in each location, communicating coded messages to guide their field operatives to discreet meetings. Operatives must navigate these visual puzzles with utmost precision, as a decoding misstep might lead to an unfortunate encounter with an enemy agent – or worse, an encounter with the deadly assassin! The race is on for both teams to contact all their agents, but only one can emerge victorious.

Gameplay Overview

  • Deciphering Visual Clues: Unlike the original Codenames, where agents are represented by single words, Codenames: Pictures introduces a visual dimension. Agents are now depicted by images that encompass multiple elements, requiring operatives to decipher the visual clues strategically.

  • Clever Tactics and Risk Management: Operatives must exhibit cleverness in their interpretations of the visual codes. A decoding error may result in unintended consequences, making the encounter with enemy agents or the assassin an imminent threat. Both teams must balance speed and accuracy in their quest for victory.

  • Race to Contact Agents: The overarching goal is for each team to swiftly contact all their agents. However, only the team with the astuteness to decode the visual messages and make the right connections will claim ultimate success.

Decoding Success or Unseen Perils:

Embark on a visual journey of espionage, where decoding intricate images is the key to victory. Will your team unravel the mysteries behind the symbols and outwit your rivals, or will a misstep lead to encounters with the enemy? The covert world of Codenames: Pictures awaits your strategic prowess.

Nominated for 3 awards and won 3.

  • 2 - 8 Players
  • 15 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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