Zombie Kidz Evolution*

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a pioneering legacy-style board game designed specifically for children. Building upon the foundation of the 2013 game Zombie Kidz, this version introduces a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience. Set in a school under siege by zombies, young players must navigate through rooms and entryways to fend off the undead and prevent them from overrunning the school. The objective is to lock all four entryways of the school, a task complicated by the absence of the custodian. As players progress and improve their skills, they can undertake missions and earn trophies and stickers, similar to achievements in video games. The game also features envelopes that, when opened, add new elements to the game, including challenges, powers, and heroes, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Gameplay Overview

  • Child-Friendly Legacy Game: Introduces the legacy game concept in a format suitable for children.
  • Zombie Defense: Players work together to eliminate zombies and secure the school.
  • Objective Completion: Aim to lock all entryways to prevent a zombie overrun.

Special Features

  • Evolving Gameplay: The game evolves with new challenges, powers, and characters.
  • Mission and Trophy System: Track progress and achievements through missions and stickers.
  • Dynamic Content: Unlock new game elements by opening envelopes containing additional content.


Zombie Kidz Evolution is an ideal board game for children who enjoy adventure and cooperative gameplay. It offers a unique legacy experience that evolves over time, providing a sense of achievement and continuous excitement. With its engaging theme and progressive difficulty, it's a great way to introduce young players to more complex gaming concepts in a fun and accessible manner.

Nominated for 9 awards and won 5.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 5 - 15 Minutes
  • 7+ years old
  • Immediately playable

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