1775: Rebellion*

1775: Rebellion is an award-winning board game that immerses players in the tumultuous times of the American Revolution, part of the Birth of America series. It offers a blend of strategic planning, historical warfare, and alliance management, appealing to both history enthusiasts and strategy gamers alike.

Gameplay Overview

  • Faction-Based Play: Players assume the roles of either the American Continental Army and Patriots or the British Army and Loyalists, each with unique capabilities and strategies.
  • Control and Conquest: The objective is to gain control over colonies, provinces, and territories by maneuvering units and engaging in battles.
  • Alliances: Players can enlist the aid of Native Americans, the German Hessians, and the French Army, leveraging their support for strategic advantages.
  • Card-Driven Mechanics: Movement and battle decisions are guided by faction-specific decks of cards, adding depth and variability to the gameplay.
  • Dice-Based Combat: Conflicts are resolved using custom dice, ensuring quick and suspenseful outcomes.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup and Engaging Start: The game setup intermingles units from the outset, allowing immediate action and engagement.
  • Strategic Depth: Despite its quick gameplay, 1775: Rebellion offers a rich strategic experience, with each faction presenting distinct tactical choices.
  • Educational Value: The game provides historical insight into the American Revolution, making it an engaging way to explore this pivotal period.
  • Advanced Scenario: For veterans of the game, "The Siege of Quebec" offers an advanced scenario that challenges players with more complex strategies.


1775: Rebellion stands out as a compelling blend of history and strategy, offering an accessible yet deep wargaming experience. Its balanced mechanics and thematic richness make it an excellent choice for gamers looking to delve into the strategic complexities of the American Revolution. With its mix of historical authenticity and engaging gameplay, 1775: Rebellion is not just a game but a journey back in time to one of the defining moments in American history. Whether you're aiming to spark a revolution or quell the rebellion, victory requires both strategic acumen and a bit of historical insight.

Nominated for 4 awards and won 2.

  • 2 - 4 Players
  • 60 - 120 Minutes
  • 10+ years old
  • Easy to learn

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